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Dr. Ali ABY Muhammed.jpg

Dr. Ali ABY Muhammed

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Tourism Consultant 

Notable Roxburian Society 

NiL (Nubian Innovative Labs)


Hortencia DoRosario

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Executive Director

Federal /Government Contracting

Farmers Market Manager

Food Justice Manager


Dr. Barry E. Gaither

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NCAAA_Museum E.D.

Boston Bighead Community

Notable Roxburian Sociey

Afro-American Tours 

Visit Roxbury MA Tours


Fatah Adan

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Trolley Logistic Director

Distrix.App Consultant

Yelp Marketing

Collegiate Tours  


Collin Knight

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Walking Tours Consultant 

Lead Walking Tours (AI)



Duane Osborne

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Medical Fleet Transportation 

Roxbury Local Bus Tours 

Food Justice Manager

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Abdul Awil

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New England Fleet Tours 

Private Fleet Tours 

CDL Certification Consultant 


Ben Freed

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Massachusetts Juneteenth Council Of America, Roxbury, MA 

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Visit Nubian Square Tours of Roxbury’s mission is to provide safe, reliable and fun sightseeing tours to the visitors of Roxbury, using vintage-style buses. Visit Nubian Square Tourism is responsible for marketing Nubian Square Roxbury as a tourism destination, improving tourism competitiveness, and leading the growth of City of Boston Black tourism industry. In alignment with our corporate strategy, Driving Revenue, we work with local businesses, community organizations and all levels of government to co-invest in marketing and sector development initiatives that moves Nubian Square Roxbury to the forefront of tourism in Boston.


We will continue to partner with businesses and organizations to develop quality experiences that motivate travel, and will expand our focus to develop indigenous experiences and experiences that will help drive visitation in the shoulder seasons. We will undertake research to inform experience development and marketing activities, and to enhance our ability to assess return on investment for our marketing initiatives.

We will continue to make decisions based on research, and we will be nimble, innovative and progressive as we embrace opportunities that are good for the tourism industry and good for local Bostonians.


We intend to fill a niche in the Roxbury sightseeing market that is unmet at this time, to sites in the city that are not currently shown, as well as highlight the sites that are known to millions of visitors.-Founder




Visit Nubian Square has a mission to provide safe, professional, reasonably priced sightseeing services to our customers.  

We will always have and promote fun tours so that when the customer leaves us, they will remember the good time they had and recommend us to a friend or relative.  

We will provide friendly and courteous service from the time we meet to the time they leave.

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