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Visit Nubian Square is a community based organization dedicated to advertise, promote, & provide development tools and resources for small businesses and Vendors in Nubian Square. Nubian Square is the primary commercial center of the Roxbury neighborhood of Boston. It has long been the center of African American culture in Boston. 

Visit NubianSquare provide scenic tours of historical locations in Roxbury, Nubian Square. Enjoy the lush parks and greenways, cozy diners, world-class museums, lively events and quirky boutiques In Nubian Square. The visitor info center is where your journey to discovering Nubian Square begins.

In addition to being the go-to resource for visitors and locals looking for things to do, see, eat and explore in Nubian Square, Roxbury.The Visit Nubian Square team also offer carefully curated retail options and gifts from local Nubian Square-area vendors.  #visitnubiansquare #cityofboston #visitma #tourism #communityresource 

About Roxbury

Roxbury is a dissolved municipality and current neighborhood of Boston, Massachusetts, U.S. It was one of the first towns founded in the Massachusetts Bay Colony in 1630, and became a city in 1846 until annexed to Boston on January 5, 1868.


The original town of Roxbury once included the current Boston neighborhoods of Jamaica Plain, Roslindale, West Roxbury, the South End and much of Back Bay. Roxbury now generally ends at Hammond St, Davenport St to the east and East Lenox St/Melnea Cass Boulevard to the south.  

Roxbury is now one of 21 official neighborhoods of Boston, used by the city for neighborhood services coordination. The city asserts that it "serves as the heart of Black culture in Boston."

The original boundaries of the Town of Roxbury can be found in Drake's History of Roxbury and its noted Personages. Those boundaries include the Christian Science Center, the Prudential Center (built on the old Roxbury Railroad Yards) and everything south and east of the Muddy River including Symphony Hall, Northeastern University, Boston Latin School, John D. O'Bryant School of Mathematics & Science, Y.M.C.A., Harvard Medical School and many hospitals and schools in the area.


This side of the Muddy River is Roxbury, the other side is Brookline and Boston. Franklin Park, once entirely within Roxbury when Jamaica Plain, West Roxbury and Roslindale were villages within the town of Roxbury until 1854, has been divided with the line between Jamaica Plain and Roxbury located in the vicinity of Peter Parley Road on Walnut Avenue, through the park to Columbia Road.


Here, Walnut Avenue changes its name to Sigourney Street, indicating the area is now Jamaica Plain. One side of Columbia Road is Roxbury, the other Dorchester. Melnea Cass Boulevard is located approximately over the Roxbury Canal that brought boats into Roxbury, bypassing the busy port of Boston in the 1830s.

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Visit Nubian Square is a community membership based organization dedicated to advertise, promote, & provide development tools and resources for small businesses and Vendors in Nubian Square.