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Choose your pricing plan

  • Small Membership

    Every year
    Join the Nubian Square community participate in local venues
    Valid for 2 years
    • Business Class Member Consultation
    • Enjoy weekly Brainstorming and Accountability Groups
    • Connect with new customers and prospects as we share videos
    • Live and recorded workshops, webinars and classes
    • Access to hundreds of hours of organized trainings
  • Family Membership

    Every year
    1-year membership for two people
    • Farmers Market access and Discount.
    • Community Event Access
    • Volunteer Opportunity
    • Committee Participation
  • Vendor Membership

    VendorMembership is right for you,
    • Vendor Developement Support
    • Event Planning & Management
    • Vendor Event Access
    • Annual Event Discounts
    • Vendor Website Submission
  • Notable Roxburian Society

    Every year
    Involvement in a growing and unique community
    • One complimentary booth space when exhibiting
    • Listing in the Member Directory on the Visit Nubian website,
    • Opportunity to participate in the V.N.S. annual convention,
    • Involvement in a growing and unique Tourism association
    • Opportunity to build relationships with individual members,
  • Student Membership

    Every year
    Students get opportunities to grow their skills and network
    • Volunteer opportunities with local businesses
    • Member-only discounts on live webinars, online courses
    • Membership in one student chapter and one professional
    • Professional support through our local member network
    • Opportunity to contribute articles and blog posts
    • foster personal and professional growth and development
  • Local Restaurant Submission

    Every year
    Become a member and gain access to exclusive Members
    • Let’s brainstorm some creative marketing benefits you.
    • An annual members club dinner with special menu items
    • Hands-on cooking lessons from your top Chefs
    • Generate additional visits, to foster true brand loyalty
    • Group dinner with a local community leaders
    • Lessons on Mixology
    • Access to tickets to special community events


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